Packing, Photographing, & Procrastinating

I am beginning to think that time moves at a faster rate the older you get. Holy moly. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that at this time last year I was preparing to graduate from college and enter the reeeal world.

DSC06898Now, here I am, one year out of college and taking graduation pictures for my friends and family. I think the combination of being on campus and packing up my apartment is solidifying the fact that I am moving on to the next chapter in my life, which is both exciting and a little scary. I absolutely loved studying at Santa Clara, so it will be bittersweet saying goodbye to the Bay in less than two weeks.

DSC06868Nevertheless, taking grad photos for my sister and friends was so much fun! I love getting the opportunity to practice and improve my photography, so I definitely learned a lot from all of the photos I took over this past week!




So much fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so proud of all of the soon-to-be graduates!

Berkeley Fun

Besides taking grad photos, I have been running around packing, avoiding packing, and trying to make the most out of my time left in the Bay. That being said, I thought it would be fun for Ian and I to spend Saturday hanging out in Berkeley!

DSC06940Wanting to stop by Five, a restaurant we found on Yelp, we decided to head over to Jupiter to wait until they opened for dinner at 5:30 pm. That being said, I could not help but try one of their beers, and oh my gosh, was that a great idea. For those of you IPA lovers out there, Jupiter does not mess around when it comes to beer.ย  Pictured above is their “Blueberry Haze” unfiltered IPA and I highly recommend you try this seasonal beer should you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Berkeley.

DSC06941To compliment our beers, Ian and I decided to snack on their Petaluma Chicken Wings.. and of course they were incredible. Definitely different, but sooo good.

Jupiter Review:

Overall Experience: A+ great service, incredible beer, and Ian approved wings.

Atmosphere:ย  A+ย Gothic inspired interior with laid back vibes

Beer: A+ the Blueberry Haze was among my favorite IPAs I have tried.

Service: quick and friendly

Price: Average

DSC06948After hanging out a Jupiter, we headed over to Five. It was definitely a switch in vibes from Jupiter! People in Jupitor sat back and enjoyed a beer or two with friends and family. The atmosphere was lively yet comfy. Five, on the other hand was less lively and more upscale in both appearance and menu price.

DSC06947While I typically prefer lively restaurants, I loved the interior design of Five.

DSC06949The bright walls and modern aesthetics made for a calm dining experience.

DSC06944Or, as calm as they get, ha!



Seeing that they had Papas Bravas on their menu, Ian and I jumped at the opportunity to try them and compare them to previous Papas Bravas we ordered. While they certainly were good, I still have to give first place to Cafe Ba-ba-reeba (in Lincoln Park, Chicago) and second place to Shakewell (in Oakland, CA).


Already filling up on appetizers, Ian and I decided to try ordering one more appetizer – Moroccan Pork Meatballs. Thoughts? They were okay. Tasty, but not out of this world.

Sunday Happenings

DSC06957As for today, I spent my morning off with some good ol’ coffee and some Sponge Bob. Yes, I am a young professional.. and I still watch Sponge Bob from time to time. It’s nice watching shows from my childhood while starting off my day ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC06958Winston was also absolutely adorable all day today, so I had to snap a few photos of him. He had surgery last week and has been pent up for the past week or so which has been pretty tough on him. Thankfully, his two weeks of “rest” are almost over. His follow up appointment is this upcoming Thursday, so I can’t wait to take him on long walks again! He needs the exercise.

DSC06966Besides hanging out with Winston and watching Sponge Bob, I spent a good portion of today packing up the apartment. For those of you who do not already know, I hate packing and I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to packing. Thankfully, Ian has been awesome at pushing me to pack ahead of time, rather than rushing a day or two before the move. I just hate looking at boxes in my living room and watching my decorations disappear into those boxes.

Anywho, that’s all for now! Hope you all had a nice weekend!

~ Britt


Big Life Changes & Vegas Shenanigans

How is it already June?? Just one year ago, I was walking up onto a stage while focusing on not tripping in front of thousands of people, ready to receive my diploma. It feels like yesterday. Crazy.

Anywho, lots has changed for me this past year. Since this time last year, I:

  • Graduated from college
  • Traveled with Ian to Portland, making it my first time in Portland
  • Tried my first Voodoo doughnut, and boy was it good
  • Enjoyed family time in Chicago
  • Traveled to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver with my mom
  • Bought my first car
  • Drove my car across country (Chicago -> SF)
  • Started off my career
  • Spent my birthday weekend with Ian and my family in Chicago
  • Celebrated my 23rd 12:01 in the John Hancock, sipping on a cocktail overlooking Chicago, probably the coolest birthday I have ever had
  • Spent Christmas in both Chicago & Portland
  • Got my first puppy
  • Road-tripped to San Diego with Ian and Winston

And the list goes on. It has been one heck of a year. So many wonderful moments, but also some difficult times. To say the least, I have learned a lot this year! That being said, I am considering on writing a graduation -> post grad post sometime in the near future. I think it could be fun to reflect but also give a little advice to my friends who are nearing the end of their college careers.

~ VEGAS Recap ~

img_5675Memorial Day weekend most definitely was a memorable one! For the second year in a row, Ian and I have spent our 3 day weekend in Vegas. Will this become a tradition of ours? Probably not, but these past two times sure have been fun!

img_5764After work on Friday, Ian and I headed out to the airport and began our journey to Las Vegas, and oh boy, did I start the trip off on a graceful note! I ran into a trash can.. in front of everyone on our plane. NOW, let me just be clear, I was not drunk,. After sitting at my desk from 7:30-5 and then at the airport and in the airplane, I was just excited to finally be in Vegas. In fact, I was soooo excited that I thought it would be funny to try to annoy Ian.. but I failed. Instead, while skipping backwards and chanting, “vegas, vegas, vegas” in Ian’s face, I backed myself into a trash can.. Safe to say, I will not be doing that again!

After shaking off the fact that lots of people watched me run myself into a trash can, Ian and I grabbed an Uber and spent our first night in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel. While I wish that I had lots to report from the Hard Rock Hotel, I really don’t. Ian and I got pizza in the hotel and then I ended up falling asleep. Oops!

img_5681Saturday was definitely more eventful though! Ian and I headed to Treasure Island and treated ourselves to the infamous Vegas Buffet Brunch offered. While the buffet food was not the best food I’ve ever had, it was still pretty darn good! We were stuffed for the rest of the day!

ian&i vegasLater that day we met up with some friends and got ready to go out. One of our friends was snapping pictures of Ian and I when we were goofing around before taking an actual picture (show on the right).

img_5711If I learned anything from Vegas, besides not making fun of your boyfriend while running backwards (ugh), I learned that walking down the strip is no easy feat.. especially when wearing heels. After walking 1.1 miles in my heels to Cabo Wabo.. and then back another 1.1 miles, I was done walking. I usually opt to walk places instead of spending money on Uber, but that weekend I realized that having my feet feel the way they did was simply not worth it.


The second night, we went to The Other Room and this time.. we Ubered. My feet thanked me aftwards. My wallet? Not so much!


Ian being a goof ball

Before we knew it, our three day weekend ended and we headed back home. While I felt pretty drained the first days back at work, going to Vegas was a fun change of pace from the daily office grind ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not sure when I will be in Vegas next, but I am sure that the next time I am there will be a fun time as well!



~ Life Updates ~

As you may have noticed in the title of this post, a lot of change is going on in my life right now. With all of these changes, it has been difficult for me to write much on here, but I’m working on it!

So, what’s new?

Well, Ian and I are moving out of the Bay Area and up to Portland. We move in just two weeks, so I have been running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything planned and ready for the move. Who knew moving was so much work?!

img_5812With only two weeks until moving and nothing packed, Ian and I made a trip to Home Depot and picked up a few boxes. It’s still hard for me to believe that we are moving, but the boxes are making things feel a little more real.

Moving has also given me so many mixed emotions. I am excited to begin my next adventure, but I am also a little nervous. Many of my friends are in the Bay Area and I have grown very familiar with the Bay. Portland is relatively foreign to me.

However, while I am a little nervous about the move, I am probably more excited about it than nervous. As a kid, my family moved a lot, so I have grown used to moving around. I actually enjoy switching things up, so this change feels exciting for me.

img_5795As for other changes, Mr. Winston is now a cone head! Ian and I took Winston in to get neutered last week and it has been quite the ordeal. The vet instructed us to not take him for walks, keep him from running or jumping, and not bathing him. Well. Winston is 6 months old and full of energy, so as you can imagine, it has not been easy keeping him calm.

img_5790The first few days with his cone were rough. He was running into trees, into me, and tripping on everything. I could see the frustration in his eyes as he tried chewing his bone, unable to steady his bone with his paw.

Thankfully, he is halfway through his recovery. He has one more week with his cone of shame and then he will be back to the crazy boy he is.

Your turn!

~ Have you ever been to Vegas?

~ When was the last time you moved? How did it go?


Talk to you all soon,


Mother’s Day Weekend Adventures

Hello hello!

I feel like just a moment ago I woke up to get ready for work and now I am about to head to bed. Where does time go? I guess time moves pretty fast when you’re busy!

This weekend also went by insanely fast! Then again, that’s how weekends always seem to go!


img_5558.jpgThis Saturday started off by grabbing coffee with my sister and meeting up with one of my best friends from college – Maddie. The three of us had some shopping to do, so we headed over to the mall to attempt checking off our shopping lists.

img_5555We all failed. None of us found what we were looking for. I was searching for two dresses for my upcoming Vegas trip and struggled to find anything that was not ridiculously expensive, for Prom, or straight-up ugly looking. It’s amazing how difficult dress shopping can be!

Afterward our shopping and grabbing lunch with the girls, I picked Winston up and brought him over to Ian’s for some play time from all of Ian’s friends. Winston LOVES attention, so by the end of the day, he was absolutely pooped. I’d say that’s a win-win. Winston is happy from getting lots of attention and I am happy that he is tired and I can relax!


img_5568This Mother’s Day I did not get to spend the day with my mother – partially because I live around 2,000 miles from her, but also because she happens to be travelling right now with my brother. Safe to say, I am insanely jealous of all of the fun they are having ๐Ÿ˜‰

That being said, Ian’s mother doesn’t live nearby either, so the two of us decided to enjoy our Sunday together by exploring Los Altos and grabbing lunch at Santana Row!

img_5579Ian had been raving to me about a place called Sino at Santana Row, so we finally decided to grab food there together.

img_5571Their dinner menu is a taaad expensive, so we had been putting off eating there for the past few months. This time, we made it to Sino during their lunch hours, so we decided treat ourselves to a nice lunch ๐Ÿ™‚

img_5572Ian suggested getting their Kalbi Steak tacos – which were incredible. I HIGHLY recommend you try them if you ever find yourself at Sino!

img_5573We also ordered their Banh Mi Kobe Sliders and well, they were good too. What a shocker.

SINO Review

Overall Experience: the food? Absolutely amazing. The ambiance? Wonderful. The service? Not so great.. Would I ever come back? Absolutely.

Atmosphere:ย ย A+ – super trendy and lively. Fun restaurant to grab drinks with friends and hangout. Maybe not a great place to have an important dinner with your great grandparents. It can get pretty loud inside!

Food: A+ – everything we ordered was amazing. I highly recommend coming for lunch, they serve Asian Tapas during lunch, which are extremely tasty. Try their: Banh Mi Kobe Sliders if you like jalapenos & their Kalbi Steak tacos. Also worth trying: their Krab Rangoons.

Drinks: A+ – drinks were awesome. Of course.

Service: D – honestly, I was pretty shocked at how wonderful their food was and how.. not so wonderful their service was. I am not sure if something happened that day and they were short on people, but the service was incredibly slow. It took us 30 minutes to even find out who our waitress was and all of the tables around us were in similar positions. It was not too crowded, so it was a little confusing why there was no one really around to take orders. That being said, Ian informed me that the service was a lot better when he ate their with his mom a few months prior. So we could have just caught them on an off day.

Wait: 5 minute wait for lunch. It was not a matter of finding a table, it was more just having someone take us to one. I would imagine that going for dinner would have a bit of a wait.

Price: Spendy! It is a lot cheaper if you come here for lunch, so if you are on a budget, consider visiting Sino a little earlier in the day. Their food is absolutely amazing, but be prepared to spend some money.

How did you spend Mother’s Day?

~ Britt



Lettuce Wrap this Week Up


I’m currently laying in bed laughing at my punny-ness and Ian is not appreciating my sense of humor apparently. Humph. At least I thought my title was funny.

Anywhoooo, the title of this post is actually relevant to my day today. So, before I jump into raving about delicious lettuce wraps I made for dinner, I will quickly recap my day today ๐Ÿ™‚

lrg_dsc06445ย So where do I begin.. well, I had work today and was super busy the entire time. This week has been quite the week, not in a bad way of course, but definitely busy! Honestly though, I am glad that it was busy. Being busy makes the time go by so much faster ๐Ÿ™‚

lrg_dsc06440After work, Ian and I began making Chicken Lettuce Cups. I found a recipe somewhere online and thought it could be cool to give it a try. Besides, I got a new slow cooker and have been looking for any excuse to use it ๐Ÿ™‚

lrg_dsc06433While waiting for the lettuce cups to cook, Ian and I watched some more Grimm – we have been binge watching it lately. I actually used to watch Grimm back in high school and throughout college and I have always loved the show. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed that a new season was release last year. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen it yet, so I was eager to jump in. Ian, on the other hand, had watched an episode here and there.. so we decided to start from the beginning and work our way to the last season.


Winston happened to be super laid back today, which is very rare..ย  so I had to take advantage of the opportunity and take some photos of him.

lrg_dsc06449Thankfully, the chicken lettuce cups came out really well! I will definitely be making these again in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ Best part? All of the ingredients we used were easy to find at Trader Joe’s!


If you want to try them out, I have included a basic, and I mean basic, recipe below!

Slow Cooker Chicken Lettuce Cups


  • 1 package ground chicken
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 red bell pepper (finely chopped)
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped onion
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Korean BBQ sauce
  • Salt & Pepper (as much as you’d like)
  • 1 – 1.5 cups white rice
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • lettuce!

I wanted an easy, yet tasty dinner, so the effort we put in was minimal. That being said, we made these by throwing ground chicken and garlic into the microwave for 5 minutes. Then, we threw the ground chicken and garlic into the slow cooker and added in the chopped veggies and liquids. After cooking in the slow cooker for almost 2.5 hours on high heat, we added the white rice we made and let the mixture cook for another 5-10 minutes.

And voila! A very simple slow cooker dinner for ya! I’m sure there are better recipes out there, but this one worked just fine for us ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably not a recipe to bring to a dinner party though, haha.

img_5502After dinner, we took Winston for a walk and I could not help snapping pictures of him with his new favorite stick. He would not put that stick down. It was the cutest thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaaand that just about sums up most of my day! I realize that most my pictures in this post are all of Winston.. oops.. so I will be sure to take photos of other things for my next post ๐Ÿ™‚

As for tomorrow, my office is going on a team day.. so I am super excited! So happy it’s almost the weekend!


Midweek Catch up & Cinco de Mayo Festivities

Helloooo and Happy Hump Day!

This week has gone by both quickly and slowly. Besides working, sleeping, and eating… I haven’t been doing very much. My evenings have consisted of playing with Winston, cooking dinner, and watching Grimm with Ian.

img_5417I would also like to point out that Winston is absolutely crazy. The photo above accurately depicts our relationship haha!

Cinco de Mayo Festivities


While I do not have much to report from the past few days, I do want to tell you all about what I did for Cinco de Mayo this year! I know that Cinco de Mayo is a heavily commercialized holiday in the United States – where tacos and margaritas are all the rage. However, Cinco de Mayo is different for me. Yes, I do partake in celebrating with Mexican food and a drink.. or maybe two.. but it reminds me of my family. Growing up, my family always celebrated Cinco de Mayo together. While I never truly celebrated the holiday for what it really is, I celebrated my grandpa and my family’s Mexican roots. While I may only be a quarter Mexican, which shocks most, I enjoy celebrating that quarter of me every year on May 5th.


(from Luna Mexican Kitchen’s Website)

This year, being 2,000 miles away from my family, I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Ian. I had been to Luna Mexican Kitchen with my brother a month or two prior and remembered how positive my experience was.

The interior had a cozy yet trendy feel to it. The walls are plain with a pop of bright blue by the bar. The exposed brick, wood, and stones just top of the aesthetic experience for me. I am a huge sucker for all of the materials used in building what is now a lively Mexican restaurant in San Jose! Honestly, I could go on for hours about how perfect their interior design is…

img_5461Anywho! Besides their adorable interior and exterior, they do have delicious food and drinks. Being Cinco de Mayo, Ian and I just haaad to order a drink while there. Rather than getting margaritas, we chose to switch things up and get sangrias.

img_5454And boy oh boy, they were goooooooooood. Ian could not stop raving about how his sangria may have been the best sangria he had ever had. That being said, he has only hadย  3 sangrias in his life.. so I’m not sure how much that says BUT I would have to agree with him. They were GOOD. I highly recommend ordering one if you ever decide to give Luna Mexican Kitchen a try ๐Ÿ™‚

img_5460Happy Ian ๐Ÿ™‚

img_5463.jpgNot only were the sangrias absolutely amazing, but the food was pretty darn good too. Ian and I decided to splurge on a mixed grill Parrillada – or BBQ. The menu price for the mixed grill parrillada was definitely higher than I would have liked to spend, however, being a holiday and seeing one on another table.. we could not resist trying it out for ourselves. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, ya know?


AND it was definitely worth it. The meat was served on a hot plate along with green rice, beans, and tortillas. Safe to say, we had leftovers for the following night!


Overall experience: very positive! Ian was hesitant about going there for dinner that night but is now a huge fan!

Atmosphere: A+ย  – lively and cozy, all at the same time!

Food: A+ย  – try a Parrillada if you are willing to splurge! Otherwise try their Mole Poblano Enchiladas. All of their food is flavorful and very filling. Not to mention, their tortillas are made fresh – right near their entrance!

Drinks: A+ย  – I have tried both their sangria and one of their margaritas and enjoyed both. I would highly recommend ordering a sangria here though.

Service: A+ย  – Staff is very friendly and helpful

Wait: Depends. On Cinco de Mayo, Ian and I waited almost an hour. By the time we were leaving, the wait time had gone up to 90 minutes. On the other hand, I came here another time with my brother and were seated upon entering. It was a Tuesday night, so that could be why our wait was non-existent.

Price: Spendy – for a Mexican restaurant. However, the price is worth it. Their food makes up for the large bill at the end!

What did you do for Cinco de Mayo?

Do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant?

~ Britt ~




Patio Decorating & Winston Time


It is almost Friday and I am pumped. So excited for the weekend. I feel like I have been exhausted everyday this week. Meh.

Anywho! Besides working and complaining about being tired all week, I have also been spending some good ol’ quality time with Winston and my patio! The weather has been getting nicer here in the Bay Area, so I have been wanting to spend more of my time outdoors. That being said, I have been working on making my patio a little cozier ๐Ÿ™‚

lrg_dsc06422My plant collection is slowly growing, but it’s getting there! The patio already feels more colorful and peaceful ๐Ÿ™‚

lrg_dsc06423Not to mention, the flowers are just fun to look at.

lrg_dsc06426The only thing is.. I have no idea how to take care of them.. so we will see if my plants are still surviving in a few weeks from now.. haa!


Anywho, I really wish there was something awesome for me to report on from this week. To be quite honest, I have barely done anything this week besides work.. play with Winston.. cook.. umm yeah that’s about it.

lrg_dsc06403Although my week sounds like it was pretty boring, it was actually pretty nice. I have been running around like a crazy woman for the past few months.. heck.. few years? So I actually made plans with myself to *gasp* have no plans. It was AWESOME. I really suck at getting myself to take it easy and slow down, so I was pretty impressed that I finally managed to lay low this week.

lrg_dsc06400Winston has also been extremely lovey this week AND somewhat calm. I normally struggle to take pictures of him because of all of his wiggling, but I think he’s maturing a bit. He’s now 5 months old and 50 lbs!


img_5364And while I do not have any cool places to write about this week, I do have to say that I have found a new TV show to binge watch ๐Ÿ˜‰

My brother and sister have been raving about a show calledย Lost in Space,ย so I decided to give it a try. To both Ian and I’s surprise, the show is actually pretty good. We are currently on the 4th episode, so I still have a bit more to watch, but I am liking it so far. Ian says, “it’s ok”. Ha!

While I do like the show so far, I am really hoping that the plot begins to pick up at a fast rate. In Ian’s words, “they are turning their wheels in the mud”… and I would have to agree with him on that. We are currently 4 episodes deep and each episode seems to slowly build up to a conflict and resolution by the end of each one. However, it’s still entertaining AND I absolutely LOVE their graphics and set (landscape).

That being said, I plan on watching another episode or two and then calling it a night!

A few questions for you:

– Do you ever plan out time to relax and take it easy?

– Which TV Shows are you watching right now?

– Anyone watching Lost in Space? ๐Ÿ™‚

Spring Showers & April Flowers

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It’s April showers bring May flowers. BUT, I have to tell ya, flowers are in full bloom here in the Bay Area.
img_5171Now that the weather is getting nicer out and Winston is learning to enjoy walking.. for longer than 5 minutes (ha!), I have been enjoying more after work walks with my little guy… or maybe not so little. He just weighed in at 49lbs and just turned 5 months old yesterday! How time flies!

img_5189Anywho, I feel like there is so much I need to update you all on. These past few months have been absolutely crazy- but full of lots of fun. That being said, I thought I would first recap this past weekend with you all and then get to all of the other stuff later ๐Ÿ™‚

So let’s get started, shall we?


This past weekend Ian and I decided to leave our normal stomping grounds and explore Berkeley. I had been to Berkeley a handful of times in the past but never really spent an entire day walking around and taking it all in. Ian, had only been there once before. So we thought it would be fun to explore a bit!


Our first stop was at one of the cutest little taprooms I have ever seen. The walls were pink and beautifully decorated with green tiles and plants.. everywhere. I was obsessed.

img_5204Not to mention, their name – Roses’ Taproom – wasย  as cute as their ambiance. I highly recommend stopping by and enjoying a beer there if you are ever in the area. They have a limited selection of beers, but they were very refreshing and unique in flavor. You can check out their beer menu: here.

img_5205After enjoying a beer at Roses’ Taproom, we headed over to a nursery we passed by on our way to Roses’ and decided to walk around and look at their plants. I have been on a HUUUGE plant kick lately. Now that the weather has been getting nicer I have been spending more time on my patio – making me want more plants and flowers on my patio ๐Ÿ™‚

img_5208The plants at the nursery were absolutely gorgeous, but to be honest, pretty pricey. With that said, Ian and I chose to look at plants at the good ol’ Home Depot ๐Ÿ˜‰

img_5211We then headed to the iconic Telegraph Ave and enjoyed browsing the aisles of Moe’s Booksย and thrifting in Buffalo Exchange.ย img_5219After walking around for a few hours we worked up an appetite and found a quaint tapas restaurant on Google. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the wait was 1.5 hours. Having a craving for Spanish tapas, we looked up other tapas restaurants in the area and found a Spanish restaurant, called Shakewell, located in Oakland.

img_5220Like the other restaurant we visited, Shakewell’s tables were filled and the wait was uncertain. However, the bar seating was first come, first serve. Fortunately for us, a table opened up right as we walked in. Being in a Spanish restaurant, I just had to order a Sangria ๐Ÿ˜‰


What we did not realize before sitting down.. was the price range of their menu items. I am not going to lie, my eyes may have opened a little wider once I saw the prices. Wanting to save a little money, Ian and I chose to order their Papas Bravas (“spicy potatoes”) and paellaย to share.

The Papas Bravas were absolutely AMAZING. We both could not get enough of them!

img_5226The paella was also ridiculously good!

img_5227To our surprise, the food was extremely filling. We ended up needing a take out box for the paella.

img_5240To wrap up our weekend, we enjoyed brunch in Los Gatos and then painted ceramics at Petroglyph.


Realizing that I do not actually own a flower vase, I decided to paint a vase for my apartment. Looks like I won’t be using wine bottles as flower holders for a while, haha! I also have been slowly buying different bowls and plates to have an assorted collection of colorful dinnerware, so Ian chose to add to that collection by painting a bowl. Overall, we had an absolute blast painting! I definitely want to spend more time painting, it’s both rewarding and relaxing ๐Ÿ™‚

img_5261After sending our ceramics off to be glazed, we headed over to Home Depot to pick out a few plants for the balcony aaaaaand that just about sums up last weekend! This weekend I plan on doing absolutely nothing. Ha! But really. I can’t wait to just relax, read, and play with Winston ๐Ÿ™‚